High Doggie Diner: Raised Dog Feeders made by Northern California woodworkers in Fort Bragg, California

High Doggie Diner is not taking orders at this time.


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15168 Caspar Road
Box 14
Caspar, CA 95420

Privacy: High Doggie Diner does not share any information given to us in the course of doing business with any calls, emails or correspondence generated from this site.

Ordering Your High Doggie Diner

It is our intention to make your choice of a High Doggie Diner a dynamic and interesting one.

High Doggie Diner encourages you to carefully read the specifications of the Diner you are ordering. You'll see differences in types of wood, whether the wood is solid or veneered; types of finish; types of joinery (through tenons, slip tenons; box joints; dovetails; dowels; etc).

If you have questions about a specific High Doggie Diner, please call or email the furniture maker (listed with Diner style).

Detail of Bone Handle and tenons on one of the Raised Dog Feeders from High Doggie Diner
Detail of Bone Handle and tenons on one of the Raised Dog Feeders from High Doggie Diner

You can either order from using PayPal, or by phone, email or snail mail and pay by personal or cashier's check. Payment must be received in full before the High Doggie Diner is sent to you.

Some diners are available for immediate shipment; others can take up to four weeks to produce and ship.


Shipping costs vary by style and are noted for shipment within the US on each High Doggie Diner style.

Please contact the fabricator for international shipment costs as well as the additional cost for over-night or two-day service.

All shipments are insured for full value and are sent via United Parcel Service.


The furniture makers of High Doggie Diner and the creators of the ceramic bowls guarantee their work. Period.

If your High Doggie Diner arrives damaged, please contact the maker. She or he will give you the address to which to return the diner/s. Then send it back in the original box with the original packing material, noting the damage. You will either receive a new High Doggie Diner or a full refund -- as well as our apologies! Be sure to insure the return package for the value of the High Doggie Diner.

If you are not satisfied with your High Doggie Diner, please contact the furniture maker directly to discuss the problem. If you still want to return it, then send it to the furniture maker (as above). You will receive either a new High Doggie Diner or a refund as agreed upon by you and the furniture maker.

The buyer is responsible for the costs of returning the High Doggie Diner. High Doggie Diner and the associated furniture makers assume no liability for damaged, lost or stolen products being returned to High Doggie Diner (see insurance recommendation above).

High Doggie Diner    15168 Caspar Road, Box 14    Caspar, CA 95420

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