High Doggie Diner: Raised Dog Feeders made by Northern California woodworkers in Fort Bragg, California

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About High Doggie Diner

Some years ago my Grand-dog, Zoey, a Great Pyrenees/Golden Retriever mix, started lying down to eat, not because she was tired, but because her head was so far from her bowl.

Research shows that her digestion would be enhanced by a correctly sized table at which to eat.

I'm a furniture maker, so I made a lovely dog dining table, using recycled old-growth, straight-grain fir, minted from a remodel of the local middle school.


Our dog Freckles died at 16, and for years my husband Jim and I were unable to even think of finding another dog. One week-end we were dog-sitting a very pregnant Springer Spaniel dog friend, Ruby, whose eight puppies were born three days early in our bedroom. Of course we fell in love with all the puppies and so it was that our dog Snowflake (named for the white flake of hair on her rump) came into our life. And of course I made a High Doggie Diner for her, complete with ceramic bowls made by Kim Morgan, a local ceramist friend.

Well, that's how High Doggie Diner started, a gradual turning from making High Doggie Diners for dog friends to now marketing them the world over.

It is our expectation that High Doggie Diner, a worker-based marketing cooperative, will give Northern California Woodworkers and world-wide graduates of the College of the Redwoods Fine Woodworking Program a place to market their dog and cat furniture.

When you order a specific High Doggie Diner, you'll be purchasing it from a specific woodworker via High Doggie Diner. The policies of the cooperative apply to all furniture makers who market on High Doggie Diner, including shipping, returns and refunds.

Thank you for joining in this creative and exciting enterprise. We enjoy working with people who love their animals and who appreciate fine woodworking as much as we do.

Judy Tarbell,
one of many who love to make furniture and who love dogs and cats

High Doggie Diner    15168 Caspar Road, Box 14    Caspar, CA 95420

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